So How Much Could You Save?

How Much You Save On Your Monthly Bill Depends on Matching Right SEER Rating To Your AC Replacement Needs

Last week we talked about the importance of your SEER rating when purchasing a replacement AC Unit, not only from the standpoint of savings on your monthly electric bill but also from an environmental impact.

Replacing your ac unit is an important investment in your comfort and long term energy savings, so it’s important to make the right choices up front by evaluating your circumstances. As we mentioned, the government mandates that all AC units have a SEER Rating no lower than a 13, but it’s important to make some determinations on the actual appropriate SEER rating for our home. Angie’s List mentions:

…the right SEER for your new A/C unit isn’t as straightforward as choosing a specific number. You also have to consider the climate of your home to determine the impact of swapping out your system to one of a different SEER rating…

The size of the new system, how long you anticipate living in your home, your regional climate and how often you expect to use your A/C factor into the decision.

So before you buy your next AC unit, make sure you’re using the right factors in your determination. Once you do, learn how much you can save by downloading the Office of Energy Efficiency’s Residential Heat and Air Conditioning Unit Calculator here.

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