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What Are The Real Benefits of a Variable AC?

Last week we touched on the benefits of switching over to a Variable Speed Air Conditioner Handler and why you may want to consider using it instead of a standard ac unit. On the surface, air quality, comfort and efficiency are buzzwords that are tossed around pretty casually when describing the benefits of many ac products, but in fact the details illuminate the true meaning of what a variable speed air handler can do for your monthly bills and home life. Angie’s List goes into great detail of what a variable speed unit means for you:

Peak efficiency: Remember that low-speed operation throughout the day? By some estimates, bypassing the full-speed operation of standard units equates to an approximate 80 percent savings in electricity, which you can confirm with a home energy audit. The air handler plays this unique role regardless of whether it’s winter or summer, which will help you lower your energy costs by reaching peak efficiency.

Lower noise levels: Standard handlers operating at full speed generate a lot of noise, but equipment with variable speed options doesn’t. This system is less noisy, and often cycles on so quietly you won’t even notice when it comes on.

Improved comfort: Near-continuous operation delivers more than just energy savings: Comfort levels get a boost, too. When an HVAC system starts and stops, the temperature variation in the average home can differ drastically when the system is running, compared to when it’s not. With a variable speed handler driving your HVAC system, the temperature in your home will hardly vary because it can keep a fairly consistent, uniform temperature throughout the home.

Better air quality: The more the air in your home passes through the HVAC system, and its air filter, the cleaner your air will be. You’ll have to keep an eye on the filter, and perhaps change it more often, but the net result is improved air quality inside your home.

Humidity control: In the summer, you rely on your air conditioner to dehumidify the air, a process that works more efficiently when the air conditioning system runs longer cycles. And that’s exactly what a variable speed handler does, creating a more comfortable home, with less humidity.

So what variable speed units do we recommend? Next week we’ll walk you through the  options we recommend when you’re considering purchasing upgrading your AC unit!

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