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What’s The Right Variable Speed Unit For Your Home?

Over the past couple of weeks we’ve talked about the benefits of switching over to a variable speed air conditioner over a standard AC unit. Now we’ll get into what we recommend for your home.

Remember SEER rating? Your SEER rating is your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio which measures how efficiently your AC equipment runs year round. As we mentioned, the higher the SEER unit, the more efficient the unit, the more you save AND the less your waste. The government mandates that all AC equipment has a SEER rating of no less than 13 at bare minimum, but there’s real incentive both financially & environmentally to purchase ac units and equipment whose SEER rating is much higher.

Air Doctor recommends switching over to the AccuComfort line of variable speed air conditioners from American Standard for a number of reasons. Aside from the fact that we’re an authorized Amercian Standard dealer, we became one for the unparalleled level of quality that American Standard instills in every unit it builds.

The AccuComfort variable speed line of units is a multi-stage system that consistently adjusts to find the most efficient speed to maintain your personal level of comfort based on your temperature. This speed efficiency leads to energy efficiency as well as annual savings on your electric bill.

The AccuComfort comes in both in a 21 and 18 SEER rating,  which means they’re super efficient, infact, some of the most efficient air conditioners on the market.

Nw only are they efficent, but now with American Standard’s 2016 rebates, you can save even more on both models! You can save $800 on 18 SEER and 1000 on 20 SEER rated AccuComfort. To take it a step further, you an get an additional  $100 for installing an Accuclean Whole Home Air Filtration System. Point blank, it’s the most effective whole-home air filtration system in the nation.

Cool air, lower electricity bills, energy efficiency, and rebates. In the heat of summer, when it’s muggy and hot, can you ask for anything more? Sure you can! Ask the Air Doctor for a home visit on the best model for your home. Contact us today for a consultation on the best variable speed unit for you and your family today:

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American Standard Variable Speed

What Are The Real Benefits of a Variable AC?

Last week we touched on the benefits of switching over to a Variable Speed Air Conditioner Handler and why you may want to consider using it instead of a standard ac unit. On the surface, air quality, comfort and efficiency are buzzwords that are tossed around pretty casually when describing the benefits of many ac products, but in fact the details illuminate the true meaning of what a variable speed air handler can do for your monthly bills and home life. Angie’s List goes into great detail of what a variable speed unit means for you:

Peak efficiency: Remember that low-speed operation throughout the day? By some estimates, bypassing the full-speed operation of standard units equates to an approximate 80 percent savings in electricity, which you can confirm with a home energy audit. The air handler plays this unique role regardless of whether it’s winter or summer, which will help you lower your energy costs by reaching peak efficiency.

Lower noise levels: Standard handlers operating at full speed generate a lot of noise, but equipment with variable speed options doesn’t. This system is less noisy, and often cycles on so quietly you won’t even notice when it comes on.

Improved comfort: Near-continuous operation delivers more than just energy savings: Comfort levels get a boost, too. When an HVAC system starts and stops, the temperature variation in the average home can differ drastically when the system is running, compared to when it’s not. With a variable speed handler driving your HVAC system, the temperature in your home will hardly vary because it can keep a fairly consistent, uniform temperature throughout the home.

Better air quality: The more the air in your home passes through the HVAC system, and its air filter, the cleaner your air will be. You’ll have to keep an eye on the filter, and perhaps change it more often, but the net result is improved air quality inside your home.

Humidity control: In the summer, you rely on your air conditioner to dehumidify the air, a process that works more efficiently when the air conditioning system runs longer cycles. And that’s exactly what a variable speed handler does, creating a more comfortable home, with less humidity.

So what variable speed units do we recommend? Next week we’ll walk you through the  options we recommend when you’re considering purchasing upgrading your AC unit!

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So How Much Could You Save?

How Much You Save On Your Monthly Bill Depends on Matching Right SEER Rating To Your AC Replacement Needs

Last week we talked about the importance of your SEER rating when purchasing a replacement AC Unit, not only from the standpoint of savings on your monthly electric bill but also from an environmental impact.

Replacing your ac unit is an important investment in your comfort and long term energy savings, so it’s important to make the right choices up front by evaluating your circumstances. As we mentioned, the government mandates that all AC units have a SEER Rating no lower than a 13, but it’s important to make some determinations on the actual appropriate SEER rating for our home. Angie’s List mentions:

…the right SEER for your new A/C unit isn’t as straightforward as choosing a specific number. You also have to consider the climate of your home to determine the impact of swapping out your system to one of a different SEER rating…

The size of the new system, how long you anticipate living in your home, your regional climate and how often you expect to use your A/C factor into the decision.

So before you buy your next AC unit, make sure you’re using the right factors in your determination. Once you do, learn how much you can save by downloading the Office of Energy Efficiency’s Residential Heat and Air Conditioning Unit Calculator here.

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The Importance Of Your SEER Rating

Even though it’s still a little chilly in the mornings & mild in the afternoons lately, we’re not too far off from the upwardly creeping thermostat & warmer temps that late spring in Tampa brings.

Since we’re experiencing colder and now milder temperatures, maybe you’ve been putting off dealing with your AC replacement until Spring or early Summer, in which case now is actually the time to start shopping and comparing AC units. At Air Doctor, we always preach energy efficiency & reliability when choosing which AC unit to purchase, but probably a more obvious gauge by which to compare replacement units is the SEER Rating.

To the unfamiliar, your SEER rating is your Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. To put it succinctly, it’s the measurement used to gauge how efficiently your AC equipment runs year round, but primarily in Florida, during the hot & colder months (when your ac equipment typically gets the most usage).

Efficiency is the key: the higher the SEER unit, the more efficient the unit, the more you save AND the less your waste. The government mandates that all AC equipment has a SEER rating of no less than 13 at bare minimum, but there’s real incentive both financially & environmentally to purchase ac units and equipment whose SEER rating is much higher.

In fact, over the lifetime of a typical unit whose SEER rating is 16, Florida homeowners can expect to save over $2000 in cost of operation and produce 30,000 pounds less green house gasses. The higher the SEER rating, the lower amount of green house gasses  produced & the higher the savings. That’s real incentive to make sure your next ac unit is efficient.

At Air Doctor, we always preach energy efficiency & reliability when choosing your next AC unit purchase, which is why we stand behind American Standard as our units of choice. If you’re shopping to replace, have Air Doctor make a house call to make the best diagnosis for your new AC unit today.

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What’s New in Air Conditioning?

A%20Platinum%20ZV%20Air%20Conditioners%20Heat%20Pumps%20Beauty%20ColorSince the earliest days of air conditioning systems were limited to 2 speeds, on and off. This is equivalent to your car having the gas pedal to the floor or the brakes fully applied. The ride is uncomfortable and it’s hard to control the speed. In air conditioner’s this results in uncomfortable and loud units that cost a lot to operate.

Imagine now an air conditioning system that senses the heat load and humidity in your home, and runs at just the right speed to meet a comfortable condition. This system would start up slowly making very little noise and run long enough to reduce the temperature and humidity. It would also result in a more consistent temperature throughout your home by running longer at lower speeds to circulate air throughout the home.

Over the past few years these systems have become available and are changing the definition of comfort and efficiency. No more loud bangs as the unit starts up and no more blasts of cold air as the unit comes on for a short period of time. Power bills are significantly lower due to the unit running at lower speeds.

The American Standard Variable Speed condenser is the recipient of the 2015 ADEX award for design excellence. This unit was installed in American Standards Technical Representatives homes 2 to 3 years ago and checked for quality and reliability. The results were excellent.

With the American Standard systems you can control your home heating and cooling even when you are not home. American Standard Connected Controls and Nexia Home Intelligence gives you the ability to manage your system through any smartphone or tablet.

Ask Air Doctor Air Conditioning and Heating about this technology and how it could improve the comfort of your home.

Make UVPhotoMAX ™ – Your Partner for Better Air!

As we head into the holidays, the winter months brings travel & cooler weather, and colds, colds, colds! With friends and family heading into your home,  the likelihood of transmitting cold & flu germs increases and the quality of your air becomes paramount.

The UVPhotoMAX air purifier uses UV light to kill millions of airborne bacteria and viruses (including the flu). UV is a well known disinfectant, used since the 1930s in hospitals, doctors offices, pharmacy and food industries as well as water treatment. It simply inactivates microscopic organisms, rendering them harmless. It leaves no by-products and uses no chemicals. UV is a component of sunlight—natures way of controlling airborne microorganisms.

ReFresh™ system destroys odors

At the heart of each UVPhotoMAX is the Ultravation® ReFresh advanced oxidation photocatalytic reactor, controlled by the Photon Clarifier*** for optimizing performance. Hundreds of odors from pets, foods, cooking, trash and garbage, paint, carpet, cleaning agents, plus musty damp smells from mold and mildew are broken down. All organic odors (from VOCs*) are treated.

Relief for allergy sufferers

ReFresh™ advanced oxidation breaks up and destroys airborne mold and other allergens, too. When the optional EZ-Light 6P™ is installed and connected to the UVPhotoMAX base unit, airborne mold allergen caused by the typically moldy HVAC coils is dramatically reduced.

Air Doctor is now a carrier of the UVPhotoMax Air purified by Ultravation. To learn more about the UVPhotoMax, get in touch with Air Doctor today at 813-891-9444 today!


Why Sign Up for Our Maintenance Plan?

HVAC-Preventative-Maintenance1There’s a real benefit to having a maintenance plan for your AC. In a place like the Bay Area, where it is hot the majority of the year, your AC Unit takes a lot use. Depending on the age of your unit, maintenance can be the difference between a saving & spending a lot on your bill during those exceptionally hot months, and even extending the life of your unit.

Air Doctor’s Preventative Maintenance Plan can help you save on your bill and save on any service calls. Receive 24-hour response for emergency service with out paying overtime rates, with a 15% discount on repairs and service and 10% discount on equipment purchases.

Also covered is a 5 year warranty on repairs as long as you remain a current program member and two in-home system maintenance check ups per year. You’ll also receive a free Microbiocide Duct Sanitization upon every program renewal- a $185 value for free.

Listed Discounts


With PMA

Service Call (normal business hours) $ 95 $ 72*(*No overtime charge on nights or weekends)
Microbiocide Duct Treatment (Minimizes) $ 185 N/C (Scheduled upon every year renewal date)
Ultra violet Light (Eliminator) $ 850 $ 675
Aprilaire Whole House Air Cleaner $1500 $1325
Aprilaire Whole House Filter $ 800 $ 625
Guardian Air $1500 $1250

If you have questions on whether an AC Maintenance plan is right for you, contact us today for more information: 813-891-9444 & 727-756-7737

UV Air Purifiers Help Stop the Spread of Flu

It’s hard to believe, but as the holiday season arrives, the cold & flu season is once again upon us. It’s important to make sure your family & friends stay healthy and safe, and one of the best ways to do that is to use a UV Air Purifier in your home.

Why? Here’s a great article from UT San Diego about the importance of keeping your air clean with a UV Air Purifier & reducing the impact of cold & flu in your home:

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention contend that one of the best ways to stop the spread of bacteria from one person to the next is simply by washing your hands. Families that faithfully follow that practice still continue to pass cold and flu viruses to one another like wildfire. Why? Because the air the family is breathing, along with airborne germs and viruses, is continuously being spread to every room in the house through the home’s heating system.

The question becomes, can airborne germs be washed away and restricted from spreading throughout the household as simply as washing your hands? Yes, UV air and water purification has been used for decades in commercial and industrial applications. The great news is that this technology is now available for residential use. The latest germ-fighting ally during cold and flu season is a home UV air purifier. A central heating system equipped with a UV air purifier and a high-efficiency air filter make a powerful air-cleaning combination. Together these two products make up one of the best ways to keep your family healthy during the cold and flu season. It’s far better to treat the root cause than the symptom.

The UV air purifier is capable of reducing the growth of, and even eliminates, germs, viruses, fungi and mold spores from a home’s indoor air. In addition to making your home healthier, a UV air purifier and air filter help extend the life of the furnace and air conditioner by keeping them cleaner, resulting in lower energy usage and monthly utility costs.

If you’re expecting family and friends coming to town this holiday season, now is the time to consider the air quality in your home. Contact Air Doctor today to discuss what air purifiers are right for your home.

Micropure Total Home Active Air Purifier Destroys Indoor Pollutants

As we enter the cold & flu season in Tampa, it’s important to maintain a clean indoor environment to prevent illness. Tampa AC Maintenance and Repair Specialists Air Doctor carries a wide variety of air purifying products including the MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier which helps eliminate indoor contaminants to keep you in your family breathing easier!

The new MicroPure Total Home Active Air Purifier uses a unique indoor air quality process to naturally produce airborne scrubbers that actively seek out and destroy indoor pollutants in the air and on surfaces, and wherever the air goes.

  • Proven effective in the air AND on surfaces!
  • MX4* lonic Oxidation for active purification throughout all living spaces 24 hours a day.
  • lonic air scrubbers destroy indoor
    contaminants anywhere the air goes!
  • Eliminates bacteria, mold, viruses, mildew smoke, odors, VOC’s, and more.

Contact AC Repair Specialists Air Doctor in Tampa, Westchase & Pasco at 813.891.9444 and Clearwater 727.821.1961 to learn more about the right air purifier for your home.

When Should I Replace My Central Heat and Air Conditioning System?

PHO-as_family_shadowThe average lifespan of a Central Heat and Air Conditioning System in Florida is 12 years.  This means that when you have a major failure, such as a compressor or coil, and the system is over 10 years old you should explore replacing it.  Just like an old car the failures seem to come one right after another.  Even after the repair, you still have and old inefficient system that will need more repairs in the near future.

Today’s high efficiency air conditioners are quiet, reliable and will save you money on your electric bill every month.  New systems use up to 70% less power than the existing. New filtration systems can also give you relief from allergies and result in cleaner smelling air.

The time of year that you purchase can lead to significant savings on the cost.  In early spring and fall, manufacturers are offering their best deals.  American Standard has up to a $1250 instant cash rebate until the end of 2013.  Installers are also offering discounts as they are not very busy during early spring and fall.  Don’t wait until your system is broken and it is 95 degrees outside to start shopping you will pay up to 50% more.

If you want to save the most money on replacing your AC, plan ahead for it in the off season when the best discounts are available.   This helpful tip is brought to you by Jim Lucker, Owner of Air Doctor Air Conditioning and Heating, Inc.