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You Don’t Have To Sweat Over These Hot Temps!

Summer Temps are knocking on the door here in the Tampa Bay area. We had our first touches of warm summer temps over the past weekend, and you can feel the humidity start to build up, so it won’t be long before you start moving into higher usage months of hot summer time temps.

Our tip: now is the PERFECT time to get a check up. Why?

Heavy usage means your AC unit will be more taxed than normal. If you haven’t replaced your filters, done a check of your drainage lines or a general  inspection for wear & tear, you could very quickly be headed for higher than normal energy bills, but even worse, a more expensive repair bill of, even worse, a system replacement.

Save money, sweat & headache by calling for your seasonal AC check up from the Air Doctor. Get our 24 Point Air Conditioning & Heating Tune-Up, which covers all your heating & cooling inspection needs to insure that you’re comfortable, breathing clean air and most of all, SAVING MONEY during those times of heavy usage.

Call us at 813.891.9444 in Hillsborough and 727.821.1961 in Pinellas Country, or submit the handy form below and we’ll get you scheduled for an appointment with the Air Doctor today!

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Bet You Didn’t Know: Facts About Memorial Day

memorial day beach vacationIf you’re like a lot of people, the phone calls are starting to slow, the emails are trickling to just a few, and the voice mail messages are saying that they’re return your call next Tuesday.

Yes, people are already starting to close up for the long Memorial Day weekend. Even though the season doesn’t officially start until June 21st, Memorial Day is the unofficial start to summer.  According to AAA & Time Magazine, over 36 million people will be hitting the road over distances of 50 miles away or more , which is the official & widely recognized distance where your boss’s emails can’t reach you!

It’s vacation time, sure, but the real reason for Memorial Day is for civilians & former military members alike to honor fallen veterans. But it wasn’t originally called Memorial Day.

According to Time Magazine:

1. It was originally called Decoration Day

To honor the deceased, soldiers would decorate graves of their fallen comrades with flowers, flags and wreaths. Hence Decoration Day. Although Memorial Day became its official title in the 1880s, the holiday wouldn’t legally become Memorial Day until 1967.

2. It wasn’t always celebrated the last Monday of May

After the Civil War, General John A. Logan, commander in chief of the Grand Army of the Republic, called for a holiday commemorating fallen soldiers to be observed every May 30. But due to the Uniform Monday Holiday Act, which took effect in 1971, Memorial Day was moved to the last Monday of May to ensure long weekends. Some groups, like the veterans’ organization American Legion, have been working to restore the original date to set the day apart and pay proper tribute to the servicemen and women who sacrificed their lives defending the nation.

3. It’s legally required to observe a National Moment of Remembrance

In December 2000, Congress passed a law requiring Americans to pause at 3 p.m. local time on Memorial Day to remember and honor the fallen. But this doesn’t appear to be common knowledge, or if it is, by 3 p.m. most people seem to be too deep into a hot dog-induced food coma to officially observe the moment.

4. James A. Garfield delivered a rather lengthy speech at the first Memorial Day ceremony

Of course then it was still called Decoration Day, and at the time, Garfield was a Civil War General and Republican Congressman, not yet a President. On May 30, 1868, he addressed the several thousand people gathered at Arlington National Cemetery. “If silence is ever golden,” Garfield said, “it must be beside the graves of 15,000 men, whose lives were more significant than speech, and whose death was a poem the music of which can never be sung.”

5. Several states observe Confederate Memorial Day

In addition to the national holiday, nine states officially set aside a day to honor those who died fighting for the Confederacy in the Civil War: Texas, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Virginia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Georgia. The days vary, but only Virginia observes Confederate Memorial Day on the last Monday of May, in accordance with the federal observance of Memorial Day.

6. Waterloo, New York is considered the birthplace of Memorial Day

According to the town’s website, in 1966 Congress unanimously passed a resolution to officially recognize Waterloo as the birthplace of the holiday. However, it remains a contentious debate, with other towns, like Boalsburg, Pa., claiming the title of “Birthplace of Memorial Day” as well.

So think of that as you are enjoying your time away from home, while sitting on the beach or thinking of friends and loved ones who haved served.

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When Was Your Last Efficiency Check Up?

You can feel when you step outside-it’s getting hot & muggy. The last respite of 80 degree spring weather a few weeks ago has given way in quick fashion to the 90’s, and we’re not even in the summer months yet.

If the thermostat is starting to drop down, that means your electric bill is starting to go up. And maybe even unnecessarily so!

It’s best to get a check up in the spring before the heat starts climbing, & you get into heavy AC use.  It’s not only smart from a performance standpoint, but you could be throwing money away monthly on your electric bill. Typically your electric bills are where you start to see if your AC unit is running inefficiently.

So before you start to pay more than you need to, now’s the time to tune up your AC.

Get a check up now from Air Doctor & take advantage of our spring savings on AC tune Ups:

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Save $25.00 on your tune up, and save every month with an efficient AC Unit that doesn’t jack up your electric bill!

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